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College Planning USA

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If you are concerned about the high cost of college or college related debt…

Since 2006 College Planning USA has been helping families find the right college for their students, based on academic, social & financial fit. Through our proven system, for 2018-19, our students received a total of $142,600,650 in scholarships and grants. This helped them minimize college cost and debt. If you are interested in saving time, effort & money, and avoiding or lowering college related debt, College Planning USA will help you achieve your goals.




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How We Help…

Career assessment

Some students know (or think they know) what occupations they wish to pursue. Others have no idea. We provide an assessment, not asking kids “what” they want to do, but ask question based interests values, personality & skills.

College Search

The Department of Education states that it takes an average or almost 6 years to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree. By finding the right college, based on academic, social & financial fit, we address the 3 main reasons why this has become the new “norm”. 

track & timeline

The college planning process includes numerous steps. We track & timeline each step of the process to make sure no tasks get overlooked. For each year a student is in high school, we have an easy to follow guide and checklist to help them insure nothing gets missed.

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