College Planning USA

IBH Participants

IBH, your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider understands and appreciates that many parents and students are stressed when it comes to planning for, and paying for college. That is why we have partnered with College Planning USA. Their goal is to help you lower your stress levels when it comes to planning for and paying for college. They do this by helping you find the best college for your student, based on academic, social & financial fit. Your student ends up with the best education at the best price. You will:


  • Save Time

  • Save Effort

  • Save MONEY

  • Maximize scholarships and grants

  • Minimize your college costs and out of pocket expenses

  • Minimize college related debt

  • Avoid the dreaded conversation with your kid “Sorry, you can’t go there, because we can’t afford it!”

  • Avoid those sleepless nights wondering:

    • How will we pay for college?

    • Will we have to delay retirement?

    • Where should my kid go to school?

    • What should my child major in?

We have made it possible for IBH participants to receive a free 15 minute consultation with the College Planning USA team. Here you can discuss your concerns, and hear how they can help you. An added benefit, their fee is discounted 40% for IBH participants. For the price of less than one month of college, your family gains access to their proven college planning program and one-on-one professional guidance. Last year their students received more than $142,600,000 in FREE money from colleges (scholarships & grants - NO LOANS!!!) This saved their students an average of $15,176 per year (a combined 4-year savings of $60,704!)

Schedule a no-cost time to chat one-on-one with them, about all things college - career search, college search, admissions boot camps, financial aid forms, scholarships & grants, campus visits, resume guides, and more. Lower your stress…let College Planning USA help you.

Go to to arrange your free consultation. Please be sure that both parents (if married) attend the consultation.