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College Planning

Our college planning programs are designed to find the BEST college for your student.

College Planning Programs

The college concierge

This is our full service, top tier program.  We work with your student through every step of the college planning process.  While your student will to take ownership of the process (which is VERY empowering for her/him), we make sure that nothing gets missed.

Your student has bi-weekly meetings with her/his personal coach to closely monitor program and note updates.

Included with the College Concierge, your student receives essay writing assistance and an SAT or ACT prep course.

The college coach

By far, our most popular program, our College Coaching service is the helping hand you and your student need to properly plan for college.  The goal is to find the best college for your student based on academic, social & financial fit.  

We track and timeline all college planning related tasks, making sure nothing gets overlooked.

Starting Junior year in high school, we start with our monthly College Planning workshops. Each one geared towards specific tasks at the appropriate time of year, these open forums allow students & parents opportunities to ask questions of our panel.

A la Carte: Essay writing, SAT & ACT Prep

hourly consulting

Often parents just want to bounce some ideas off of us.  We are available on an hourly consulting basis to help answer questions. For any parents who then decide they need the College Concierge or Coach, any hourly fees paid will be applied to any additional fees for the added services.

Prepare for college - diy

For the budget conscious, our Do-it-Yourself program offers an annual subscription to 48 videos, addressing every possible aspect of the college planning process. Our “Brain trust” has a combined 125 years in the college planning field.

Topics include EVERYTHING college planning related. Some examples include:

  • Financial Aid Basics

  • ROTC & Military Academies

  • Sports Recruiting

  • How to Pick a Major & Why

  • Understanding Aid Awards