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July College Corner

Parents of sophomores, juniors, and RISING SENIORSATTENTION!!!  If you are concerned about the high cost of college, or college related debt…READ ON!

Many families won’t apply to a college simply based on a high “Sticker Price”, thinking it’s unaffordable.  Did you know that many “expensive” private colleges will end up costing less than “in-state” public schools?  To compete for students, “expensive” schools must provide discounts.  Public schools cannot.

For the 2018-19 freshman class, the discount rate reached 52.2%...more than $62 Billion in free money was given out.  If you CHOOSE the right school (based on a variety of factors), you should expect to pay, at most, half-price! 

How will you know which schools to target? This process takes expertise and time.  The potential cost of picking the wrong school…tens of thousands of dollars per year!  Are you willing to risk that? 

Want the best college education at the best price?  Want to lower or eliminate college related debt?  Are you stressed about the cost of college?  We can help. 

To play off a well-known commercial slogan…imagine if 15 minutes can save you 50% off your college bills.  Visit our scheduling link to arrange your free 15 minute consultation.  

Jeffrey Noll