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Find the best college based on:

  • Academic Fit
  • Social Fit
  • Financial Fit
  • Pay the least for the best possible education

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More than 80% of families need financial aid.  We can tell you HOW MUCH you should expect to receive in:

  •  Merit Scholarships
  • Need Based Grants

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Higher scores can mean more money.  We have programs for every student and budget.

  • Subject tests
  • Plans available for all budgets

The college application essay gives the student a chance to distinguish her/himself.

  • ​Basic Critiquing
  • Full Essay Writing
  • ​Plans available for all budgets

The goal of College Planning USA is to help find the best possible college for the student based on academic, social, and financial fit.  Working with our team, we help the student and family, to ensure that they are getting the best possible education for the lowest possible price.  With more than 80% of American families needing financial aid, the ever-increasing cost of college, and major concerns regarding college related debt, more and more families are turning to College Planning USA to help them through this process.

  • $13,600 average annual savings per student, per year
    • ​Lower out of pocket expenses
    • More savings
    • Lower or NO college related debt
  • Peace of Mind
    • Fewer Sleepless nights worrying about college costs
    • ​Less stress, confusion, frustration
    • Avoid the "heartbreak" conversation - Having to tell your child they can't

                    go to the college of their dreams because of a poor financial aid award.